190 Acres in Stirling Ontario | WMU 68B


190 Acres in Stirling, Ontario

This 190 acre land in Stirling, Ontario (WMU 68B) provides the perfect opportunity to hunt with approximately 90 acres of available hunting land. There is wild turkey, goose, bear, trophy buck, and coyotes. It’s a Class A property and renting out quickly! This land is available on the LandPass app, in the app store.  Simply click the button below to download the app, and click on Stirling Farm to get started with your booking!

  • $150 a day (max 5 people on land –  $30 per person)

  • 1 acre of pond
  • Methods allowed: black powder, shotgun, archery

  • Guide can be hired for $150

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“This property has considerable to offer. The layout is extremely easy for any hunter to navigate with an abundance of wildlife activity. “


“I was extremely impressed when I went to hunt on this property. The landowner was fantastic to work with and I will certainly be back!”

Eden S.