184 Acres in Millbrook, Ontario | WMU 73


184 Acres in Millbrook, Ontario

This 184 acre land is in Millbrook, Ontario (WMU 73). Species on this property include coyotes, deer, duck, goose, and grouse, with trophy buck potential.
With the regular archery season, it is available from October 1st to December 31st for deer hunting.
  • $200 a day (max 4 people allowed on the land)

  • Stream and creek running through
  • Methods allowed: black powder, airgun, archery, shotgun 

  • See rules for property in app

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“There’s so much opportunity on this land. It was a great experience. “

Andrew W.

“I’ve never hunted on private land before. To have a whole plot of land to yourself and a couple of friends for only $50 bucks a person…you can’t go wrong.”

Jack H.