772 Acres in Maynooth, Ontario | WMU 57


772 Acres in Maynooth, Ontario

This 772 acre land in Maynooth, Ontario (WMU 57) provides the perfect opportunity to hunt moose, deer, elk, duck, turkey, coyote, pheasant, rabbit, grouse, fox, and to catch trout. It’s a mixed forest ecosystem with maple, beech, poplar, and spruce trees.  There is a basecamp on property that allows for camping for multi-day hunts. This land is available on the LandPass app for iOS, in the app store.  Simply click the button below to download the app, and click on OxBo Acres to get started with your booking!

  • $250 a day (max 4 people allowed on the land)
  • Creeks and streams running through property
  • Methods allowed: shotgun, archery, black powder, and rifle

  • Basecamp, blinds, and outhouse on property

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“This property presents enormous opportunity for big game hunting!”

Donovan S.

“Looking forward to my upcoming turkey hunt on this land. Lots of potential.”

Alexis W.