Frequently asked questions


Q1: How many acres of land do I need to list my property?
The average is 50 acres. However, each property is different. The land might not work for large
game. But it might work for small game, or fishing.

Q2: How much money can I generate from a booking?
Values are determined by the property quality, species that are available to hunt and potential
amenities (cabin, cleaning station, picnic table, toilet).

Q3: What are the fees?
Our fee is 12% of the cost of a booking.

Q4: Is there a cost to list the property? / How much does it cost to join LandPass?
No. The only cost is the 12% fee that is associated with the cost of a booking.

Q5: Is there insurance coverage?
Yes. Our members are required to secure OFAH Membership/Insurance Coverage, which provides $5 million dollar liability protection.