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Finding Private Land to Hunt on in Ontario

If you’re new to hunting, you may be wondering where you can hunt. In Ontario, there are many different options to choose from. Today we’ll walk through a few of the options, including how you can find private land to hunt on! Let’s get into it.  Where Can I Hunt?  Provincial Parks: Ontario has a [...]

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Land Management Specialist: Interview With Leith Waldrum

Welcome to our first edition of Bonfire Chats! This is a series where we interview hunting, fishing and outdoor experts to understand how they got into the role they’re currently working in. We’ll also take a deep dive into useful tips for those who are new to hunting and fishing, personal stories and anecdotes. Today’s [...]

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Best Fishing Podcasts for 2021

Calling all anglers! It's time to take a deep dive into the best fishing podcasts for 2021. Last week we took a look at the best hunting podcasts but today is all about fishing. We've sifted through the many podcasts available so you can get your hands on only the most informative and entertaining. One [...]

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Muzzleloader Hunting – 5 Reasons to Start

Muzzleloading offers hunters a unique hunting experience that's challenging and enjoyable at the same time. Muzzleloading seasons vary depending on where you're looking to hunt. In this guide, we'll walk you through what muzzleloaders are, our best tips and tricks, as well as 5 reasons why you should start muzzleloader hunting! What are Muzzleloaders? If [...]

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Hunting and Fishing Gift Guide 2020

So your special someone, a close friend or family member is a hunter or angler and you're not quite sure what to get them this year for the holidays. You're not the only one who finds picking out gifts for an outdoor enthusiast challenging! They probably already have the gear they need or will buy [...]

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Ice Fishing in Ontario – The Ultimate Guide

With snow officially on the ground and cold weather brewing throughout Ontario, the regular fishing season has come to a halt. Luckily, there are many opportunities for ice fishing in Ontario throughout the winter! This ultimate guide will walk you through safety tips, choosing the right line, how to register an ice hut, the best [...]

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Hunter Fatigue: Symptoms & How To Handle It

Each year when hunting season rolls around it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement and forget to take care of your health. Many hunters experience hunter fatigue but don't take the necessary steps to stay in control. Learning how to handle your hunter fatigue is vital not only when it comes [...]

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