We’ve entered a New Year, which means it’s the perfect time to look at the best hunting podcasts for 2021! With so many podcasts at your fingertips, it can be challenging to find the right ones for you. We’ll walk you through the best podcasts for specific types of hunting, ones that are focused on gear, beginner-friendly and more!

The MeatEater

Hosted by Steven Rinella, the MeatEater Podcast discusses all aspects of the outdoors, with a focus on hunting. Rinella is humorous and lighthearted, inviting novice, experts and everything in between to listen! You’ll also come across other experts in the field that Rinella interviews regularly.

Rookie Hunter

If you’re new to hunting and want to learn a thing or two from those more experienced, look no further! Rookie Hunter Podcast is hosted by two hunters from BC, Canada who dive into the world of hunting and conservation. They share their personal stories, connect with guests and inspire new hunters to get involved in their community.

Wired to Hunt 

If you only listen to one of these podcasts, make sure it’s Wired to Hunt. It was the highest-rated deer hunting podcast and the hosts share their best-kept hunting secrets and strategies. You can listen to a new episode each week!

Deer University

Deer University is a unique hunting podcast that is hosted by Dr. Bronson Strickland and Dr. Steve Demarais who work as deer biologists. They dive into their research surrounding deer hunting, providing science-based information their listeners can use to learn more. By fully understanding the biology and management of whitetail deer, you’ll be sure to bag more of them this coming year!

Hunt Talk Radio

Hunt Talk Radio is the best podcast for finding the information you never knew you needed! The host, Randy Newberg shares his unique perspective on hunting, touches on public land use, conservation and hunting politics. Listen to a new episode each month!

Big Game Hunting 

Big Game Hunting made our list of the best hunting blogs to follow last year and we couldn’t think of a better podcast to recommend for avid hunters! The podcast was started by John McAdams and it features a range of topics such as effective hunting strategies, choosing the best rifle and more. There are also many interviews with industry experts!

You can listen to new episodes each Thursday.

Dave Smith Decoys

The Dave Smith Decoy Podcast is focused on waterfowl, turkey and deer hunting. It’s hosted by Brad and Dave that share differences in various hunting tips and techniques. They also discuss what it takes to become a successful band hunter!

Truth From the Stand

Follow as Clint Campbell discussed hunting news, shares deer hunting stories and unique strategies you can implement next time you’re out hunting. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that he interviews some big-name pro hunters!

The Ecological Approach

The Ecological Approach Podcast is hosted by Russ Jones and Shane Butnari who are experienced bowhunters, biologists and arborists. They’re obsessed with discussing hunting and conservation of the environment, looking at hunting in Ontario specifically. Listen to their personal stories and learn a thing or two about nature at the same time!

The Western Bowhunter

Hosted by South Cox and Kody Kellom, the Western Bowhunter Podcast has been rebranded as the Full Draw Full Time Podcast. They share stories of Western bowhunting as well as discuss the prep involved in backcountry hunting, stalk hunting, calling elk and a whole lot more!

The Hunting Dog

If you’re considering taking your dog out hunting with you, this podcast is perfect! It contains insights and valuable information about hunting with a canine, as well as interviews with friends, family and professional hunters. You can find new episodes each week.

Nine Finger Chronicles

The Nine Finer Chronicles is hosted by Dan Johnson who discusses different gear, product reviews, hunter profiles and gets into stories about his crazy life! His life revolves around his love for bowhunting and Mother Nature.

Miss Pursuit

Wondering if there were any women sharing their knowledge of hunting? Miss Pursuit is hosted by Amy Hall who inspires women to get outdoors. She shares her insight and knowledge regarding hunting while connecting with other women in the community.

The Hunting Public

The Hunting Public is one of the best hunting podcasts and certainly one you should listen to this year! It’s hosted by Aaron Warbritton and Zach Farenbaugh who interview experts in hunting and chase whitetail deer across the United States during their deer tour. They also set out to cover strategies you can implement now to improve your hunting game!

Get Listening!

What podcast are you most excited to start listening to? Feel free to come back to our list of the best hunting podcasts when you need something new to listen to. At LandPass, we understand the importance of finding high-quality information about hunting and fishing.

We’ll be back next week with the top fishing podcasts so stay tuned!