Calling all anglers! It’s time to take a deep dive into the best fishing podcasts for 2021. Last week we took a look at the best hunting podcasts but today is all about fishing. We’ve sifted through the many podcasts available so you can get your hands on only the most informative and entertaining. One thing’s for sure, these podcasts will reel you in!

Bass Talk Live 

Learn the ins and outs of bass fishing with Bass Talk Live! Hosts Mark and Matt hold 2 episodes each week where they discuss the professional bass fishing industry and all that it entails. It allows listeners to gain a new perspective around bass fishing and hear from interesting guests on a regular basis.

The Blue Fish Radio Show 

Blue Fish Radio is hosted by Lawrence Gunther and is home to over 100,000 listeners each week! Many topics are discussed and he holds interviews with experts such as the World Wildlife Foundation’s VP of ocean policy, Ontario’s Environment Commissioner and more. Gain knowledge from experienced anglers and uncover vital information about aquatic ecosystems.

Addicted Fishing Podcast

Not all that familiar with the different types of fish yet? This podcast discusses steelhead, trout, salmon, bass, walleye and more while updating you on the latest fishing news and tips! You can get your hands on a new episode every other week.

Freshwater Bite 

Freshwater Bite is the perfect mix of pro meets everyday angler. Why hang out at your local bait shop when you can learn all about the right tackle, techniques and more from the comfort of your home? Listen to those who are truly passionate about fishing and gain invaluable knowledge to up your game!

Iced Up 

Have you dabbled in ice fishing yet? If you’re excited to get involved in the sport while the winter is still in full swing, this podcast is the perfect place to start. Andrew Gullickson hosts Iced Up where he shares specific techniques and new technology to test out next time you’re ice fishing.

Looking for more on winter fishing? You can also find our ice fishing guide here!

Bite Me – A Texas Saltwater Fishing Podcast

This podcast follows fishing legends, John Lopez and Capt. Scott Null that provide exclusive tips surrounding inshore and offshore fishing! While they focus on fishing in the Texas area, it’s still an incredibly useful resource for anglers from other states and countries. You can listen to a new episode twice a month.

Cast and Crank SoCal Fishing Podcast 

If you’re looking for a general overview of fishing gear and casual conversation surrounding the fishing lifestyle, this podcast is for you! The host Nick is beloved by his audience that raves about his enthusiasm and the information he brings to the table. It’s certainly one of the best fishing podcasts out there.

Tom Rowland Podcast – Saltwater Experience 

If you aren’t yet familiar with Tom Rowland, he’s an expert in all things fishing from Saltwater Experience Television! He seeks out interesting stories related to fishing, hunting, the outdoors and fitness. Listen to this podcast if you appreciate a mix of entertainment and valuable information. You can typically listen to three episodes a week!

The Woman Angler & Adventurer

Hosted by Angie Scott, The Woman Angler and Adventurer was created to inspire women who enjoy getting their hands dirty and spending time outdoors! She has useful information for women who are looking to get more involved in the fishing community, as well as for those who are already well-versed.

If you’re after more fishing resources for women, take a look at the top women anglers in Canada here!

So Fly

We can’t forget about fly fishing! Take a deeper look into the fly fishing community in Ontario, Canada with experienced anglers who aim to strengthen their community through storytelling. They might also share a few best-kept secrets along the way, but you’ll have to listen for yourself to see.

The Bass Cast

This podcast is all about bass (who would have thought?)! With new episodes weekly, you’ll be a bass fishing expert in no time. Your hosts Brian Carter and Hank “the bass geek” will bring you up to speed on bass fishing and cover everything there is to know! Listen to exclusive interviews and pick up a new skill or two along the way.

Let’s Catch Some Fish!

When you’ve finished listening to the best fishing podcasts, you’ll be all set and ready to take on the open water for yourself!

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