So your special someone, a close friend or family member is a hunter or angler and you’re not quite sure what to get them this year for the holidays. You’re not the only one who finds picking out gifts for an outdoor enthusiast challenging! They probably already have the gear they need or will buy little items for themselves, making it even more difficult for the person buying them a gift. We’re here to help with the ultimate hunting and fishing gift guide for 2020!

Hunting Gift Guide


Staying hydrated during a hunt is crucial! LifeStraw can be the difference between getting sick from drinking stream water and getting clean water you need to continue with your day. It removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of parasites to provide you with the reassurance you need. It’s great for those on the move because you can take water from any lake or stream nearby!

OtterBox Wireless Power Bank:

Even if you always leave the house with a fully charged phone, it’s sure to die during a long day of hunting. This wireless power bank from OtterBox allows for two phones to charge at the same time, which is great if you’re out with a friend.

Rechargeable Heated Insoles:

When you’re outside all day, especially past the daylight hours, it gets cold. No matter how thick your socks are, your feet are bound to get cold as the hours pass by. It’s even worse if you’re sitting still waiting for your prey to make an appearance.

These rechargeable heated insoles are heavy duty and perfect for any outdoor activity!

Hunting & Fishing Cookbook:

A cookbook can be a great gift idea for hunters and anglers! Fresh meat and fish compared to store-bought can differ greatly in taste and cooking directions so gifting a cookbook could come in handy. The MeatEater: Fish and Game Cookbook is a great place to start!

Be sure to check out the best wild turkey recipes while you’re at it and the best meals for backcountry hunting.

Compact Travel Chair:

Travel light and comfortably with this travel chair that easy to transport and bring just about anywhere! If your loved one is an experienced hunter, they probably have a chair they use regularly but they could always use an upgrade.

Fishing Gift Guide

Sage Dart Fly Rod:

Say goodbye to old-school fishing rods and hello to the Sage Dart Fly Rod! This rod is a work of art. It’s handcrafted, lightweight and provides precision casting. It’s sure to impress the most difficult person to buy for!

While it’s definitely an investment, it’s worth it and any experienced angler would love to get their hands on this rod.

Hurricane Mako Telescopic Rod:

If you’re looking for a fishing rod that’s more affordable, the Hurricane Mako Telescopic Rod is perfect! It’s made from fiberglass and it’s great for beginners so you can’t go wrong.

Portable Hammock:

This portable camping hammock is a great gift for those who go on long fishing trips and set up camp along a lake or river. It’s easy to use and will make you feel like you’re a kid again!

Sun and Insect Hat:

When the warmer months roll around, any angler knows how important having a proper hat is! While a nasty sunburn can ruin a beautiful day out on the water, the bugs may even be a bigger concern. The face shield will protect you from insects attacking your face, making the entire experience more relaxing!

Their Favourite Fishing Magazine:

With everything being online these days, sometimes it’s nice to receive a paperback magazine or book while you’re out fishing! Grab a copy of their favourite magazines such as Field & Stream, In-Fisherman or Fly Fisherman.

Outdoor Fishing Gloves:

Ice fishing season is finally upon us and keeping your hands warm is a MUST! These gloves are lined with fleece and made from high-quality neoprene, allowing for easy movement. Keep your loved ones warm this holiday season!

The Ultimate Gift

This hunting and fishing gift guide wouldn’t be complete without addressing the elephant in the room. While grabbing the essentials and other items that can be used during a hunt or fishing trip can make for great gifts, you’re missing the best gift of all … A hunting or fishing trip!

Plan the day or weekend and surprise them with an amazing trip. This is a super thoughtful way to show you care about their interests and spending quality time with them.

LandPass connects explorers with exclusive land to hunt or fish on. Download the app for free today and start planning an epic trip that won’t disappoint!