Fly fishing can be a challenging method of fishing so it’s great for experienced anglers who are seeking a more adventurous day out on the water! Canada is one of the best places to fish, as it’s home to thousands of rivers, lakes and streams. That’s just one of many reasons you need to go fly fishing in Canada. 

What is Fly Fishing? 

If you aren’t quite familiar with fly fishing already, it’s fooling a fish with an artificial fly. It can be feathers, hair or insect imitations, for example. A fly rod is used to cast a line, opposed to a spin rod that would typically be used in bass fishing.

Generally, fly fishing is a more challenging way to fish as it’s not as versatile as spin fishing. Spin fishing is more results focused, whereas fly fishing is focused on the challenge it presents anglers. 

Why You Need to go Fly Fishing in Canada:

1. Most freshwater lakes in the world – With 18% of the world’s freshwater lakes, you won’t struggle to find a good spot for fly fishing in Canada! Because there are so many lakes to choose from and a relatively small population, you could even get an entire lake to yourself. 

2. You’ll catch more fish – With a small number of fishermen in Canada, there’s more fish in the sea (or lake, rather) for you to catch! Most anglers practice catch and release and with so many places to fish, you won’t ever experience a shortage of fish. 

3. You’ve got options – When you go fly fishing in Canada, you have a range of options to choose from. Many waterways for fishing are only accessible by floatplane and therefore you can stay at fly-in lodge that has all the amenities you’d need for your trip. You could also opt to stay in a wilderness outpost cabin if you like to fish in solitude. Northern Ontario is one of many places with spectacular fishing opportunities in Canada. 

Best Places for Fly Fishing in Canada

Little Vermilion Lake, ON:

This lake is mostly home to smallmouth bass, northern pike, lake trout and muskie but you may be able to get your hands on a few other fish if you’re lucky! The lake is fed by a spring and is surrounded by beautiful wooded forests.

With a perimeter of 85km and depths that can reach 79′, it’s a fantastic spot for fly fishing in Canada!

Kississing Lake, MB:

Making our way out of Northern Ontario and heading west, you’ll find the magnificent Kississing Lake! With a variety of islands, species of fish and stunning nature, you can’t go wrong. The prime time to visit is from May till October each year.

While fly fishing is one of the most popular methods of fishing at Kississing Lake, you may also find a few spinning, trolling and jigging anglers! If you’re hoping to find northern pike, walleye and trout, this lake won’t disappoint. Check out one of nine exclusive lake outposts and enjoy your fishing trip of a lifetime!

Bow River, AB:

As you travel further west, you’ll stumble upon Bow River in Alberta. It’s near Banff National Park and is fed by Bow Glacier, allowing for many varieties fo fish to survive. You’ll find many types of trout in Bow River, as it’s one of the top three trout streams in the world! You can expect to see rainbow, bull and brown trout.

If you’re in search of other fish, you’ll also find walleye and northern pike. This river is great for all levels of experience and trip lengths. If you only have a short amount of time at Bow River, head directly to Lower Bow but if you have some time to spare, head up to the top of the river and make your way down!

Although the main season is from May till October, it’s still worthwhile going to Bow River in the winter. The season is year round and December till February can make for a great fishing season!

Fraser River, BC:

Last but not least is Fraser River in British Columbia. This river is about 80km east of Vancouver and home to salmon, trout, steelhead and sturgeon. The north valley is one of the best spots for fly fishing anglers and the winter steelhead fishing is fantastic between December and April each year!

Let’s Go Fly Fishing!

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