There’s a lot more to hunting than meets the eye. While spending the day out in nature with friends and waiting for that perfect moment to make your move can be enthralling, you can just as easily walk away empty-handed at the end of the day. Don’t want that to happen? Maybe it’s time for you to consider these underrated hunting tips!

Be Aware of the Glare 

With a new rifle in hand and ready to take on your next prey, you may be forgetting that the sun will bounce right off the barrel of your rifle. This can create an unnecessary problem for you and ruin a hunt in a matter of minutes.

Luckily, there’s an easy way around it! Don’t let all of your preparation to mask your scent and camouflage into the surrounding nature go to waste. Simply place tape over the barrel and ensure that other shiny objects such as watches or jewelry are left behind. Animals will pick up on any reflection so it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Try a Barefoot Approach 

Bare with us for a moment (see what we did there ?), while we explain how removing footwear can be used to your advantage. Sound can greatly affect a hunt, so why not remove any obstacles that could create more sound? Socks alone will help you be more stealth and avoid the crunching sound when you step on leaves and branches.

It goes without saying that you should only try this out in the warmer months to avoid wet feet from snow or rain! Still not convinced? It’s actually a common practice among bowhunters who stalk their prey, so it might be time to change things up.

Talk to Professionals 

Of all the underrated hunting tips we could provide, this may be the best one. Many people don’t deem it necessary to ask questions or prefer to figure things out for themselves but it could ultimately impact their hunt negatively.

Before you set out on your next hunting trip, seek out key intelligence about the location you’re going to hunt at. This could be a biologist, conservation officer, forestry working or landowner, for example. You may have to make a few phone calls but we reckon it’s worth your while!

Keep Distractions to a Minimum

While we can all agree that it’s important to stay focused during a hunt and avoid distractions, sometimes it’s easier said than done. While you’re waiting at your blind, resist the urge to grab for your phone and play a game or send a text. You may just miss out on the deer you’ve been waiting for!

It’s not uncommon for hunters to become distracted when they haven’t worn warm enough clothes or forgot to bring a sitting pad to keep them comfortable throughout the entirety of the hunt. If all you can think about is how cold and uncomfortable you are, you won’t be pleased with your results at the end of the day.

Pack Your Food Wisely

If you’re going on a hunt for any longer than a few hours, chances are that you’ve brought food. Once you’ve chosen the meals you’d like to bring with you, you should stop to consider how to pack it.

The most important is easy access so as to avoid making loud sounds when rummaging through your bag to find it. If you’re an overachiever you can go the extra step of taking off any wrappers ahead of time and packing food into other containers. The less noise the better!

Let’s go hunting

What do you think about these underrated hunting tips? Have you tried them all out for yourself? Although these tips will greatly enhance your next hunt, it’s just as important to know which common hunting mistakes to avoid!

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