Fishing used to be considered a man’s game but that’s no longer the case! More and more women are getting into the world of fishing and even making a career out of it. Today we’re taking a look at some of the top women anglers in Canada and exploring how they’ve gotten to where they are now!

Yvonne Brown (IG: @onwomenanglers):

Yvonne Brown is the founder and instructor at the  Ontario Women Anglers. The organization aims to get more children and women outdoors and interested in fishing! They hold a variety of workshops, events, mentorships and more as a volunteer and non-profit institution.

Yvonne got started with Ontario Women Anglers in 2015 after founding Fishing 101 for Women in 2012. Her goal was to have a positive impact on the next generation of women anglers. Her love of the sport has led to her winning the Rick Amsbury Award of Excellence, presented by the Canadian Angler Hall of Fame! Yvonne’s contribution will continue to impact women anglers in the years to come.

Mal Crispo (IG: @malbc):

Mal Crispo is an angler from Nova Scotia, Canada and has a personal blog where she shares her outdoor experiences. While she loves all aspects of the outdoors, she places a focus on fishing, making her a wonderful example of women anglers in Canada.

Her personal stories about fishing are an interesting read for all but specifically show that women can be a part of the fishing community!

Lisa Roper (IG: @alberta_roper_girl):

Lisa Roper is a Master Angler who enjoys spending time fishing in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, Canada. She provides helpful tips and information over on her Instagram. Other women find encouragement in the sport of fishing through Lisa’s confidence.  She inspires all women that are taking up fishing as a hobby or sport!

While she mostly posts about her fishing trips, hunting is also on Lisa’s radar. She offers a free guide to inspire first time hunters and anglers on her website. Her experience speaks for itself and shes’s a wonderful role model to any aspiring women anglers.

Vanessa Toews (IG: @nessa_b_fishin):

Next up we have Vanessa Toews! She is a Manitoba based hunter and angler who isn’t afraid to brave the cold winters and spend them ice fishing. She’s been featured in Outdoor Canada Magazine, where she shares her experiences with ice fishing and tips for new anglers.

Although she’s an expert in ice fishing, she’s knowledgable in all areas. If you have any questions regarding gear and fishing during the winter months in Canada, she’s the person to ask!

Cassandra Dickson (IG: @fishin_beautician): 

Whoever said girls can’t like beauty and the outdoors, has clearly never met Cassandra Dickinson! She’s a hairstylist meets angler and we’re not mad about it. She frequently showcases her latest catch, always doing it in style.

It’s not every day that you find a woman who likes hair and all things beauty just as much as a day out on the lake. She’s a wonderful role model for young girls who are getting into fishing but don’t want to let go of their feminine side!

Chelsea Lynn (IG: @chelseaalynn_xo):

Chelsea Lynn resides in Ontario, Canada and spends most of her time outdoors! It’s unusual to find her without a fish in hand, which we love to see.

It’s amazing to see her passion for fishing only grow larger each year!

Olivia Michaud (IG: @oliviamfishing):

Olivia Michaud is from the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada. Besides being a great representative of the women anglers in Canada, she also hunts! Her Instagram features a range of photos from hunting, to some of her best catches and catch and releases.

Her well-rounded platform has garnered nearly 7,000 followers. We’re looking forward to seeing her adventures over the fall and winter months!

Jamie Stevenson (IG: @northernkayakangler):

Jamie Stevenson is definitely one of the most unique women anglers in Canada, as she fishing from her kayak! She was a Team Canada PanAm Kayak BassFishing competitor and continues to share a wealth of knowledge online.

It’s great to see a woman so involved in the fishing community but specifically as a kayak angler. Follow Jamie for kayak fishing tips and tricks!

Women in Fishing

As we’ve seen, these women have really changed the game when it comes to representing women anglers in Canada and as a whole. They are positive role models for young girls who hope to get into fishing themselves! If you’re new to fishing and looking for the best places to get started, check out our blog on the top 10 places to fish in Ontario, as well as the best spots for shore fishing!

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